• All alone it was a fever ..

Whenever it rains, I always have this feeling of reminiscing such things which will make me sad. I don’t know why. Even though it will make me cry, I want to feel that very moment the loneliness embracing those memories. I miss my old friends, my old love, people who faded together with those dark days. Maybe there’s something in my past that I have to face, maybe after then, I can finally move on. I have to. I need to.

  • I'm really tired of losing people. What's wrong with you? Or is it me? : (

I feel bad for everyone who isn’t dating me.

My middle finger gets a raging boner when I think of you.

When people yawn, do deaf people think they’re screaming?

one sided love.

  • Buti pa pag nag aaral, kahit nakakapagod, may napapala ka. pag nagmamahal, nasasaktan ka lang, nawawalan ka pa.